Friday, January 13, 2006

Yarn Harlot Friday

Ah, you thought I would show my true harlotry ways by not blogging anything about AKE, well you are wrong.

Now settle with me as we open the holy writ. Ya RIGHT! Today's completely random nugget of wisdom is:
"If I am foolish enough to be arrogant about my knitting, I will
understands when it spontaneously bursts into flames."

Hmmm, yes she is wise. Uhm, so I taught myself fair isle this week. It is not really hard but fiddly. I don't know if I would do it again. No, I take that back it is completely fiddly and there is something in my engineering brain that cries out for it. But this is definitely the type of thing requires respect. I will respect the knitting of others more after this experience, and I will learn from it and not be so arrogant about my own. If I had done that maybe I wouldn't have had to rip the whole turtle shell out and start over.

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