Sunday, January 15, 2006


... ... Oh, I'm sorry, I kind of forgot. Yes, blogging. All right then. So the washer and dryer are ... ... arriving on ... fiber ... spinning ... Monday. Sorry, I just have to spin right now. I'll be posting my pictures of my new fiber stash soon along with my yarn stash.

Oh, and I just had this really great idea. One I'm sure that ... fiber ... no, must communicate! I'm going to go through my yarn stash and pick out the yarn that I have no idea why I have it, and I'm going to knit things for charity, like Project Linus, or one of the other ... must spin. Sorry, I have to go while I can still use a mouse.

Use a mouse? Hee hee hee.

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She-Who-Reads said...

This is your brain. This is your brain on fiber. Any questions?

:) Go spin, oh Silly One!