Saturday, January 21, 2006

Stash cleaning and charity.

This is the entire stash.

That cream and brown thing off to the side is something that was given to me by my mum, as well as the rest of the acrylic in the charity bin (far right, top). The center top is for wool, and that fingering weight is going over to the charity side, probably, at least that hazard orange.

The fiber is in the bags, and center and center right bins are acrylic or cotton that is being saved for other projects.

Better picture of the charity yarn.

I made a decision that all of the yarn that I don't want, mostly acrylic, would go to charity, and for those paying attention to the ticker at the top, you may have the idea that I have lost my mind and decided to join a charity challenge.

I have. I am going to knit 100 projects for charity, and at least 25 of those will be going to the Dulaan project. I did want to talk just a moment about the Dulaan project. I think its very sad that cashmere comes from a place where poor people have to live in heating tunnels under cities.

This is the first pair of socks knit for the Dulaan project.

Fiber stash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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