Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Whale porn?

Wow, I haven't posted in awhile. I've been so busy trying to keep up with Freesia and housework that I haven't actually spent as much time online as I usually do. Nor have I spent as much time knitting as I've meant to.

Mostly I've been reading--I finally found the local library. Very nice little place, about the size of our trailer with all the walls knocked out. But the librarians are helpful enough when it comes to finding or getting books in.

As for the whale porn reference, we've been watching a documentary on the life of mammals. Very nice one. It shows these blue whales in a breeding frenzy. In the first part of the ritual, the female plays a little hard to get, and the whales around her reach out with their tentacle like penises and poke her in the vagina as she tries to get away while swimming on the surface. Then after she's had enough of this she dives and lets them gangbang her.

When I say tentacle like penis, I do mean that. They thrust out and sort of wave around out of the water until they find the vaginal opening. Their ejaculate is measured in quarts. And as I'm sitting there watching this with my husband, I can't help but say in a questioning voice, "Whale porn?"

This of course is quite funny to the tribble that is my hubby. There are few other instances where they show animals mating, and at each one, it was "blank porn?"

Let's just say it was funny, and I don't think you really had to be there to get it. So there.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Weather and small children

It's been raining here about once a week, but for some reason, yesterday was the worse. I think it was because Chris hasn't been feeling well. Thankfully, Freesia hasn't caught what ever it was, and as always I only got the stomach portion of the show.

Freesia is going a little house crazy. I'll be glad to get to the library today so she can at least get out a bit. Also, I need to get out myself. There is just something about the farm that grates after awhile.

I'm thinking of putting up some flyers in Butler about maybe getting together a play group for Freesia. Also, I would love to get a knitting group started. I'm going to ask around at the library today to find out if they have any info on it.

Hopefully, this will be something that will get both Freesia and I out of the house.

P.S., there are new pictures up in our public gallery--check out the latest album for the ravioli smeared umpalumpa baby.