Monday, April 09, 2007

Novella news

So, with Aimee's help and some drastic cutting, my word count is about the same at the end of the first edit. And I did cut almost 51oo words. So you can see how much got put back in. Basically, I just condensed some of the subplots into the main plot.

Now with the first edit done, several strangers (mainly through are critiquing my novel. So now, its a waiting game. Once the critiques come in, and I make sure they get their credits, I'm going to take a break before reading and using them. I have plans to ask Aimee to reread it after the second edit, which will be based on those critiques. I'm planning on some more streamlining if possible.

I've been keeping everything I've taken out in case it needs to go back in, but mostly as ideas for other stories. I took out complete subplots in some cases, and I didn't want to get rid of them all together.

Well, that's about it on the novel. I'm thinking about starting on another story, probably this afternoon.

Well, that's all in writing news.