Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Knitting ...

... the other clog. Also, finishing my turtle, soon to be blogged here as well. I'm planning on making a big huge felted mobile to put in the car for the baby. As soon as its done, I'll blog that as well.

Also, major spinning being done. As soon as I finish this white wool I was given, I'm switching over to some blue wool that Ruth over at the yarn shop gave me.

Which brings me to the BALL WINDER. Ruth gave me a BALL WINDER this weekend just because I mention that I needed one and she had one that was on its way to ball winder heaven. It hasn't worn out yet, but it is on its way--the dreaded clicking noise has started.

In writing news, I've given up on my writer's block and I'm editing my novella from Nanowrimo. More news as that shapes up.

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