Friday, January 06, 2006

ABC along and Friday things

Friday means three things. The ABC along, pictures of knitting(I can only be bothered to down load once a week), and AKE quotes.

ABC Along first.

A is for Atuin. Atuin is me.

I don't really like to take pictures of myself, but I thought I would try. This is me, or at least me taking my picture in a dirty mirror (blame the baby--she likes to lick her image). I don't have the best self image in the world, and I don't like to advertise what I look like. I will however explain the nick name.

A'tuin is the world turtle from Terry Pratchett's novels about the Discworld. My spirit animal is a turtle and I definitely qualify as taking the worries of the world on my shoulders. Some of my friends accused me of having a mommy complex before I even became a mother.

Next is a knitting picture. This is that poor lonely clog whose mate needs more yarn. It's huge isn't it?

I am assured that the thing just needs to be felted. We can only hope.

Now, for the Yarn Harlot portion of the post. Today's quotation from AKE is:

"I will resist the urge to hoard my favorite yarns forever, constantly
trying to determine whether the projects they are intended for are

I sort of have the opposite problem. People keep giving me acrylic yarn from that old afghan they never finished in the seventies. We are talking not pretty stuff. I'm thinking about making it up into an afghan or a lap rug for my mom. She likes that kind of stuff.

In other news, I have shown my own yarn harlotry this week. With a starfish. A felted starfish with these cute little short rows. So much better than the monstrosity that is the almost finished shawl for hubby's grandmother. That thing is getting blogged as soon as I'm done, so there should be another post tonight before we go running off to see hubby's folks.

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