Friday, January 20, 2006


Time to face some changes. I've started using Blogroller, and if you will look to your right, you will see a whole list of my favorite blogs. And for those paying attention, you will see an addition.

Mossy Cottage Knits is not only a rockin' blog, but also the home of the Dulaan Project. This is a charity for sending warm knits to Mongolia. There is a lot more info on their site, so CLICK the link.

A little bit later today, I'll be updating with pictures of the STASH. However, I am officially ending AKE day. Instead, Friday will be known as Picture Day hence forth.

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Dutch said...

interesting about sending knits to mongolia, given that that is wear so much of the world's cashmere comes from to get turned into $300 sweaters in SE asian sweatshops.