Saturday, April 29, 2006

In laws ride to the rescue and yarn harlotry by yours truly

So my mother in law has ridden to the rescue over the fuel pump issue our van is having. She says that we should save our favors from other relatives and let her take care of this.

This proves that my mother in law is really a great person, despite the character flaw of being a morning person with a snore you can hear through a building. And I can prove it too you.

A friend of her, or my sister in law--not sure which, was moving to Singapore and wanted to give me her yarn stash. My mother in law shipped it to me herself, instead of my having to pay to have it shipped. She also shipped it as a surprise.

So we eventually get this box that used to hold several reams of paper, that she has told us to be on the look out for but didn't tell us what was inside. And inside was several skeins of Red Heart acrylic nestled in with so many skeins of Lion's Brand Molinare (in several different scrumptious colors) that my heart almost exploded. For those that don't know, Molinare was an acrylic mohair from like the eighties. I almost couldn't touch the stuff.

You know what this glorious super fuzzy three ply said to me as I petted it and sighed as my husband called to thank my mother in law. It said linings. It said hat linings, and mitten linings. It tried to whisper to me of sock linings, but I managed to get the lid back on the box.

I currently cast on an experiment for the hat linings tonight, because I couldn't sleep.

It's silly, but I was too happy to sleep. I've been so depressed over that stupid van that all I've wanted to do was sleep, and after staring at the ceiling for about four seconds, I just had to do something for someone else, so I cast on this hat. Even if the lining doesn't work for this pattern, I'll still have a finished hat out of it for Dulaan. And I have like three other patterns that I think will do.

All the proof you need that she is a wonderful woman. Oh, and aside from sending me yarn, she is paying to have our van fixed.

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Lisa said...

How wonderful...yarn and a functioning van, all in the same week. I'm both happy and relieved for you.