Friday, April 21, 2006

I am a terrible blogger.

I realize that. I know this and yet I still commit to stuff like abc a longs and stuff like Project Spectrum. In other news, the baby is a year old now and thinks that having the car seat turned around is too cool for words if she did speak in a recognizable language.

In other other news, we are finally mostly healthy. The pollen count seems to be falling, and the baby is less snotty than usual. Our collective bowels are finally getting over the GI virus the baby passed along to us.

Be prepared for lots of pictures coming up this weekend. They are already picasa'ed and ready for uploading.

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Lisa said...

Glad things are better at your corner of the world....being sick and having a wee one is such a drag, and you just keep passing the crud from person to person. Wishes for a well week :)