Saturday, April 08, 2006

Knitting Update, Part One

Hello all,

This is going to be an update on the knitting I'm doing for myself and other people in my life--not charity. That's the next part. Sorry the next couple of posts are going to be really picture intensive.

This fine looking gentleman to the right is my dad, and he's wearing the scarf I knit him for X-mas. This is the one I'm currently trying to get the pattern posted at the knitting vault. As soon as I do, I up date on that and provide a link.

The picture below is my darling girl in her very harlot poncho. This is a design by the Yarn Harlot that is available on her website. It's super easy, and I have to say very fun to knit.

Of course, there will be more knitting pictures later. See ya then.


Kari said...

The scarf and poncho are both very nice. I love the colors in both.

Kari said...

hi, you asked a question on my blog..of what yarn i was using to make a triangular shawl. I think the yarn is Bernat Soft Bouclé Yarn, however I threw away the yarn wrappers so I am not postive on this. I looked online and didn't see the right shade of peach in that yarn so maybe it's not the right one. However, I did buy the yarn on ebay so it might be older and they just wouldn't be making that color anymore.