Sunday, May 07, 2006

The stuff ...

... and the thing, as my hubby says. It has been jumping here at chez A'tuin. My husband is moving to the night shift, so I've dug out the old baseball bat and machete and placed them at strategic places within the apartment. Not that we actually have anything to rob, but it makes me feel better.

Also, lots of knitting being done, but not the gift knitting--sock knitting. Socks keep ambushing me at every turn. I'll cast on for a pair and an a couple of hours later, I'll be like, whafuck is going on, man? How did I get to a heel flap? I was knitting my mom's bag wasn't I?

My green project for Project Spectrum is coming along, and I really do have lots of photos to post, just no time to upload. I promise, as soon as the sky stops falling and the baby stops teething, I'll catch up on pics and -alongs.

BTW, a word to the any would be jokesters or thieves who read this blog. Yes, I really do have a machete, and yes, I do know how to use it.


Lisa said...

Let's hope you don't have to use the bat or machete.

Dutch said...

you should just get a shotgun and load it full of rock salt.

Leslie Shelor said...

Hope you don't have to resort to violence or weapons! Looking forward to pictures. And your mother-in-law sounds like a terrific lady!

Mikey said...

You don't need to worry about using your bat or machette or if you remeber two very important things:
1. Space is an illusion (ie Lawrenceville isn't far from Athens)
2. Mikey has sword and knows how to keep his night vision!
If anyone thinks of laying a hand on any of ya, they will retract a bloddy stump :D Tee-hee!

Teh Mikey

Patti said...

Tesselated Fish
scroll down to April 7th entry.