Monday, March 27, 2006

More thoughts on MIM

Sorry, I just got through going through all the comments that MIM has gotten in the last few days. And I have to say two things.
  1. Anonymous and obviously fake email address and websites are the lowest of the low. If bloggers are honest enough to let it all hang out, then trolls should at least leave us a forum to comment back to them. That being said--I will find a way around troll comments--maybe Dan the computer god will help. Hmmmm....
  2. If the people who responded to MIM's posts can be construed as a fair sample of the technically literate in this country, then I know why it's been so hot in this handbasket. My goddess, people, do you really think that one simple post about appearance and its effect on relationships is worth so much drama? The very attention paid to it shows how important it seems to be. If you didn't care, you wouldn't feel the need to comment.

What is so damn wrong in this country? Three monthes ago, I stumped my new family doctor. He said that my blood pressure is fine, my glucose was back to fine after the birth of the baby, and there is nothing wrong with my glands. Aside from a trick knee from a car accident in my youth, a slightly increased heart rate (not much, I can still donate blood), and a touch of IBS, I am in perfect health. Here is the kicker, I weigh about 330 lbs. And before anyone busts a gut, I've weighed that since before my husband married me.

There is no medical reason for my obesity. I eat what my husband does (180 lbs), and when I'm working (my work is seasonal), I lose about ten to twenty lbs. No more, no less. I can't seem to break the 300 lbs barrier.

So if I'm healthy, and my regular exercise keeps my weight steady, why is it such a big deal? It shouldn't be. The only people it is a big deal to is my doctor and my mother.

And now possibly you. So can you tell me why it matters? Why does it matter to anyone out there that I have a loving husband, and wonderful child, and I am overweight?

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