Sunday, March 05, 2006

Does someone hear a frog?

Its official. I'm going to have to rip back (ribbet, ribbet) the afghan square I did for WOLE for the yarn. I need it to make sure my current mittens (now in the WIP pile) have the right color stripe. However, other things have changed.

I have joined Project Spectrum. Check out link in the side bar. Its late, I'm lazy, and that's why its there. Which is nice since some of my current knitting will satisfy the month of March stuff.

I'm doing a knitting project review in the hopes of getting me revved for the next week. So the list of projects in the queue:

  1. Belated Xmas--Mikey is finished just needs to be delivered (two more projects to go)
  2. Freesia's cotton tank top (wip)
  3. Felted bag for Mom (Mother's Day)
  4. Ties for dad and dad in law (Father's Day)
  5. Newborn hat (afA)(wip)
  6. Baby cardie (WOLE) (wip)
  7. Mittens (DP)(wip)
  8. Preemie hat (St. M)(wip)
  9. Baby blanket (not sure where yet)(wip)
  10. Freesia's leg warmers (yarn still needs to be dyed--getting late in the year for those--may have to be scrapped)
  11. Freesia's tube socks (still waiting for the right needles)
  12. Afghans squares for Grandma B (none so far, need at least four by the end of the month)
OH, I didn't mention--I've committed to doing four to six afghan squares (knitted thank you ever so) a month. I haven't even started one this month.

I may have to pare this list down. I had originally planned to do at least two matching newborn hat/tube sock combos for the minidrive that afghans for Afghans is having. And there was the original commitment of 25 items for the Dulaan Project.

I think I'm going to go ahead and scrap Freesia's legwarmers. The wool can wait until later. I'll go ahead and dye it and some more roving to go with it, and I'll start that project in August. Maybe it will become matching leg warmers and shrug.

I think the same thing will happen to Freesia's tube socks. The yarn I put aside for that has too much wool content for summer, and if I wait until August I can tinker with the sizing to make sure she can wear them most of the winter.

Two problems solved. Now, the minidrive is over on April 28 for those newborn things, so I think the WOLE project and baby blanket can also be sidelined. Items three and four haven't been cast on yet and can wait another month. Dulaan Project also has a due date, so anything not cast on yet, will, eventually. So the August stuff can go back on the roster then.

Okay, just two more decisions, so let's go ahead and admit that Xmas has come and gone. Those two projects will make great B-day/Xmas gifts for this year, so let's go head and get rid of that for now.

And for right now, let's go ahead and hold back on the Dulaan Project knitting. I can come back to it after the knitting for afghans for Afghans is over. So that leaves four projects, that if I work on them a little each day, I should be able to knock them out this month.

Freesia's tank top won't take any time at all. Once that is over, Mother's Day and Father's Day knitting can join the queue. Knitting for Saint Mary's never ends, but once the afghans for Afghans minidrive is over, Dulaan Project comes back up. Once that is over, then I will start knitting for WOLE again. Once the Father's Day knitting ends, I will start the Xmas knitting.

And I may take a hiatus from afghan squares in August to do some Winter knitting for Freesia.

Well, thanks for letting me talk that all out. I actually feel a lot better, and not so frantic.

One problem, I have no paying work scheduled yet for the next two weeks. This is bad, very bad. Eating into what little savings we have bad.

Any suggestions? Will work for yarn :D.

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