Wednesday, December 28, 2005

So, maybe not the Spawn of Satan...

... just one of the minor imps. After sleeping most of the day, Freesia is in the best mood she's had in at least a week. Maybe now things will settle down.

In other news, the clogs are in trouble. I need another ball of blue yarn, so Aimee will be ordering soon, I suppose. One clog down and one more to go.

Oh, and a certain aunt of my husband's sent up a kind of late Xmas/Yule gift. She is wonderful, because I have more fiber. This means I finally have a fiber stash, because I got more before finishing what I have.

Also, I spun the same yardage in half an ounce that I did with my first whole ounce. Isn't that so cool? I still have an ounce and a half to go. I love the fact that 1 1/2 oz of fiber is so going to last me like a week on the drop spindle. I can't imagine rushing it, ya know? A spinning wheel is like way to fast. For $2.50/oz. I am completely amused for about three to four days when I am not knitting and Chris is home.

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