Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Flags, knitting, and baby

First, Freesia is bucking for Spawn of Satan again. Last night we had to go out at 12:30 in the morning to get more infant drops for ibuprofen and gas relief drops. Right now she is sleeping in because of her late night. On the one hand, I'm like, oh, so cute, and then on the other, I want to poke her with a sharp stick.

In other more national news, has a wonderful article up about a Chicago kid who refuses to stand or recite the pledge of allegiance without a note from his parents about his religious objections. I can only say kudos to the guy, because hubby and I have talked about the same. And we decided that if and when the time comes (we are thinking about home schooling) we are going to excuse our child from pledging allegiance for political reasons. No child should be required to take an oath that they don't understand. Which is in essence what the required pledge of allegiance does.

Wouldn't it mean more if the first time your child pledged allegiance to this country, he or she knew what she was doing and was pledging their allegiance because they want to? Instead, you have classrooms full of "mornings are too early" zombies repeating it in a monotone. What do you think?

In other less political news, Aimee's first clog is almost finished. She is so brave. She just frogged like five rows of short rows then put ever thing back on the needles. I couldn't watch; it was terrifying. We only dropped one stitch, but I managed to go back and pick it up. Oh, and it is huge. I mean like my whole hand and then some. In fact when I was closing the bottom seam for the inner sole, my hand almost combusted because the wool is so warm. Pictures coming soon.

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