Monday, December 26, 2005

Move in progress

So for the moment everything is on the move. I've moved here for better blogging with less coding, but I'll still be maintaining the other site for family news and pictures. So let's see how long it takes for me to pull my hair out.

So who wants to know how long it took my mom to pack away the designer scarf I knitted for her? Come on, guess! It took less than a week. I asked to take a picture of it today so everyone could see, and she couldn't get to it. Designer scarf? For keeping warm in the cold? Packed away?

Why do I try? Don't get me wrong, this weekend was actually pretty good, except for the wiggin the baby had over Dad's flying saucer toy. Oh, and for her all night wiggin last night. I'm still up however. I'm like running on caffeine that my body mined from the "grad school years."

You know I know that I'm over sensitive when it comes to my mom, but really, to just put it up. Its a designer scarf. Sure, I did most of the design work, but I followed one of the biggest trends out there right now. You know the big paddles with some sort of cool stitch connected by rib stitch. And this was cat's eye lace (Creative Knitting magazine, Nov 2005 I think). I've got other knitters in my knitting group saying its fantastic and wanting the pattern. Packed away where she can't get it?

O.K., I'm like over it know. Really, took some existential vallium. Really, I'm close to all right. Dad at least seems to love his scarf. I'm thinking about submitting the pattern for that one, cause of the way it came out. Of course, I could offer it for free because it really is basic. I'll need to sit down next time I have a moment and the scarf in question and figure out exactly how I managed that wave pattern. Its been awhile since it was knitted you understand. Its been under wraps since August.

O.K., I am now going to bed, because I'm going to start whining about Mom again. Still, she put it away in a closet somewhere. I know my mom, that means it will never see the light of day again. If its lucky she might move it to the spare room/her spare closet, but this is unlikely.

See ya later, kiddies.

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