Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Mike and Dan have left and I am a putz

Mikey and Dan have left. A bit depressed over that. I tried to convince them that they could live in my pocket, but they wouldn't believe me. We do love those two so.

The baby was really starting to warm up to them toward the end as well. It was delightful to see. I have a photo album set up of their visit for those who want to her cuteness and the guys themselves.

In other news, I almost destroyed my computer with a knitting needle. I had started a sock on dpns and was picking up the free dpn to start the next round. It was late, and I fumbled, and the damn needle disappeared. We tore up the area around my computer to try to find it. No luck.

Just as I was planning another trip into Warner Robbins, site of the nearest mall. I hear Chris snicker. He points out to me my dpn sticking out of the one of the little holes that provide ventilation for my computer.

So I'm a putz. But I have been knitting socks, and that makes me a genius!

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Aimee said...

Hee! I can just picture the computer with a needle sticking out of the top. Heh.

I've been knitting socks, too! I knit my mom a pair for Christmas. I cheated and used a worsted weight wool and size 8 needles, though. Well, she wanted a pair to wear to bed, so they don't have to fit inside shoes. I decided to make my dad a pair too. That was when I realized that I have absolutely no idea about men's clothing sizes. What clothing size -- or, in this case, shoe size -- corresponds to different size human bodies. No clue. I ended up casting on for the men's large sock -- about a size 13 shoe. Apparently, my dad wears size 11 shoes. I should have gone for the medium. I've finished one of the size 13 socks. They're freaking huge! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them when I finish the pair...maybe give them to my uncle. He's really tall; he must have big feet.