Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Well, what do ya know?

I'm doing NaNoWriMo again this year. And I have three ideas I'm going to backstory for 11/1.

In other news, the baby is teething, or just going through the terrible twos or both. I'm not sure anymore. I do know that I have to start getting more sleep if I'm going to be able to drive in the mornings. Which I'm going to have to be able to do, since the baby's nap is in the afternoon, and she needs her vaccinations this month.

Oh, and Chris got a ticket for our tag being out of date. I can't believe I forgot. It must be because of the move and everything. So now we have to pay for our tag and the ticket. Well, that will just have to be at the end of the month, since we have several bills to pay already.

I wish I knew when it ends, ya know? On, the upside, we should be caught up with all of our regular bills next month. A little woohoo for us, ya?

But money aside, I think we are finally finding our rural legs, as the saying goes. The seed cleaner is finally kind of slowing down, and our lives are finally starting to fall into a routine. Hopefully, it is one we can keep when the seed cleaner starts up again. As much as I hate eating without Chris, it's not fair to the baby to make her wait.

And that's another habit we are trying to break. We want to start calling Freesia by her name or by "little girl" so that when we do have our next child, she won't have that whole "but I'm the baby" thing going on.

Well, Chris's lunch hour is almost over with, and I need to start getting Freesia down for her nap.

Take care, everyone!

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