Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Arrgggh! Where is the yarn?

So the front room actually looks like a living room now. No boxes, and everything squared away. However, after a couple of days of neglect, the kitchen is a war zone. It won't take long to get it squared away, however.

Now I just need to find the yarn. I can't believe I haven't unpacked it yet. With temperatures dropping, I was going to knit Freesia some leg warmers so she could still wear her dresses along with some felted booties for to wear in the morning to keep her feet warm.

I also have some socks I was going to knit for my dad, and a few other things, but now I can't find my yarn. It is somewhere in the depths of the walk in closet that we have yet to excavate. I know my wool is there--it's driving me crazy. Especially since I found a pattern for a teletubby doll, and Freesia loves the teletubbies.

Oh, goddess, what am I going to do when the only project that is accessable to me is done? I'm going to go into knitting overload, or unpacking overload. One or the other.

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