Tuesday, October 24, 2006

So let us try this again, or Wavy Scarf pattern take two

I've tried once today to post this pattern to Blogger, but there was some sort of snafu. Well, we'll just try again, yah?

This is a pattern for what I call Wavy Scarf. I knitted it for my dad last Christmas, but I don't think I posted the pattern here. Basically, by using two different weights of yarn, you creat a three dimensional fabric that has waves in it. I will warn you that selvage stitch (slipping the first stitch in every row) does not do anything to control the curling.

2 skeins of bulky weight yarn A(I used Lamb's Pride bulky in one of their shades of blue)
2 skeins of worsted weight yarn B(I used Lamb's Pride worsted in gray)
Size 11 needles, or needles to give you the gauge you like for a scarf

Cast on holding yarn A and yarn B together. Next purl a row holding the two yarns together. Then follow the following pattern:

(Rows 1 and 2) Knit one row with A; purl one row with A.
(Rows 3 and 4) Knit one row with B; purl one row with B.
(Rows 5 and 6) Knit one row with A and B together; purl one row with A and B together.

Continue those six rows until the scarf is as long as you want it to be, twisting the yarn strands around each other up one side (this will not be noticeable unless inspected by a fellow knitter) to carry the excess yarn up to the appropriate row. I found it easier to bind off on 5 instead of 6, but that just depends on what edge you want to leave.

Add fringe in the usual way if you wish.

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