Sunday, February 26, 2006

So the plague monkey has landed

We are very ill people, and unusually so. It started with the demon spawn. Unlike her last cold, this one was very mucusy and snotty. And she hates to have her nose wiped.

Now, I am also very snotty. Chris has not evidenced this body betrayal.

The baby doesn't sleep well because she is sick and seems to have nightmares.

I'm going slowly insane.

Until next time.


She-Who-Reads said...

Is going insane slowly better or worse than going insane quickly?

I'm sorry you feel sick! Get well soon!

Patti said...

old fashioned vicks and vaprorizer is about the best -- old fashioned rememdy and time and it does indeeed drive you insane. Just think she is too you to even understand what is wrong but then again she is also too young to remember it day after it is gone.