Friday, February 17, 2006

Crafting challenge stuff

I had had so many ideas for the yarn I was going to buy with the money from the income tax refund. Then I started paying off bills this morning. There were a lot of bills, and because of this, the yarn stash will not be increasing at the same rate I'm knitting.

So I finally have to go begging for yarn donations. Not happy, but things could be worse. I could have had a knitting needle shoved in my eye. I guess I'll start faxing on Monday, but I'm going to start mailing letters today. I'm also going to check out freecycle group. Maybe someone has some acrylic yarn they would like to give up.

I've decided that acrylic yarn is no longer the anti-yarn that so many people say it is. It's just yarn, ya know? Some of its smoother than others, but I've heard washing the item a couple of times will take the scratchiness out of the acrylic.

Can one say the same for wool? But please, don't get me wrong. I prefer wool for most of the stuff I'm knitting because it is going to some of the coldest places in the world, but for myself and my family, I can't see using 100% wool.

Its just impractical here in Georgia. Unless its felted, like clogs or a bag, 100% wool items are only going to get worn maybe a week out of the year. That's why I adore blends. Except when I'm spinning that is.

I really like to spin wool. I'm actually going to be trying soy silk soon, but I'm going to be plying it with a lovely varigated wool I'm currently spinning. I don't think I'm going to be able to get the same effect as they are getting in Japan, but I'm willing to try and wear the consequence.

But back to the original statement. I prefer to wear cotton and polyester almost all year round, and so does almost everyone else I know. We save wool for things like hats, scarves, and slippers.

However, for the stuff that's going to Mongolia and South Dakota, I'm hoping to eventually have some wool to knit with. Currently, I'm using acrylic, which is actually pretty warm, because I'm knitting with small needles to make it as dense as I can. But I'm hoping to include some thrummed socks and mittens at the very least for Mongolia (Project Dulaan). And at least a few baby sweaters made out of wool for South Dakota (WOLE).

I guess that's enough of my yammering. Back to the needles while the baby sleeps.

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