Wednesday, January 24, 2007

100th post!

Well, I'm back, again. Still behind on editing my novel, but my shawl is coming along, and I've finished my dad's socks and a pair of mittens for Freesia. Pictures of the last two items along with new pictures of Freesia will be going up at the photo album soon.

We've also gotten the webcam and the microphone up and working. And I'm seriously thinking about podcasting and what a pain it would be on a dial up. Maybe once we get our credit cards paid we'll pick up a cable modem or something.

On the other hand, I've been thinking about this being my 100th post and thought that I might try one of those "100 things about me" memes.

100 things about me:

  1. I am a mother.
  2. I am a knitter.
  3. I root for the underdog, especially against defined authority figures. Everytime, whether I'm right or not.
  4. I am nonpartisan as far as my voting is concerned.
  5. I believe in the death penalty and abortion. According to my religion, both are the same.
  6. I am anxious to get pregnant again, especially since I'm over thirty.
  7. I feel selfish when I buy for myself, so I have to have an allowance so I can buy stuff for my hobbies.
  8. I don't wear make up.
  9. I don't wear clothing unless I have to. I like to call myself an indoor nudist. When I was thinner, I would go topless at festivals.
  10. I like breastfeeding my daughter. It isn't any sort of sexual thrill, it's the closeness. I feel like she's listening as I talk to her, which is a switch from how I feel when she's into everything in the house.
  11. I am a fundamentally lazy person about everything but knitting.
  12. I strive to be a Knitter, but I still haven't finished an actual fitted garment other than socks or mittens.
  13. I hate commericals.
  14. I love Stephen King novels.
  15. I dislike movie and television spoofs.
  16. I hate any movie that Adam Sandler has ever been in. I think he should have stuck to songwriting.
  17. I dislike the "movie actor" Martin Lawrence. He was much funnier when he had his own TV show and was doing stand up.
  18. My taste in movies is almost diametrically opposed to my father's. This is the reason I spend almost some of every visit hiding in their kitchen.
  19. I think Russel Crowe looks like my husband, and that is the explanation I gave Chris as to why I have a crush on him. (Russell Crowe and Chris actually do look a lot a like, at least until Chris started on his thirties paunch.)
  20. I like my husband's love handles.
  21. I like being fat myself. I don't have to wear fashionable clothes, only comfortable ones.
  22. I don't diet, but I do eat sensibly.
  23. I try not to put on more weight instead of concentrating on losing it.
  24. As much as I love my mother, I also acknowledge that putting me on a 1000 calorie diet when I was twelve, then again at thirteen, again at fourteen, then again when I was sixteen, may have stunted my height and messed up my metabolism.
  25. I will never starve my daughter.
  26. I will never let my daughter starve herself.
  27. I rarely knit for myself.
  28. I love to spin, but haven't had the time since we moved because of the baby and we are still unpacking.
  29. I hate the war in Iraq, but not the soldiers there.
  30. I dislike people on general principal. This doesn't include people I consider to be family.

I've been holding this post for two days trying to think up more things to put here, but can't. I just don't have 100 things of interest about me, I think.

So it goes up, unfinished. Gee, a lot like life, huh!

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